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If you feel that your hearing isn’t what it once was and struggle to understand voices in background noise, we can help. Most people don’t want everybody to know that they have a problem with their hearing – but if you miss lots of the conversations around you or even just have to turn up the TV more than other people would like, you may have a hearing loss.

Visiting Celtic Hearing will allow you to get your hearing tested in a comfortable and private environment to accurately assess your hearing needs – or we can arrange a visit to your home if that’s more convenient for you.

At Celtic Hearing we are able to fit youthe latest Digital Hearing Aids from our practice located in Carmarthen and Swansea. We specialise in providing OPEN fitting hearing systems which are able to provide you with clarity of sound and exceptional comfort. Please read what our existing customers have to say.

If you need any accessories or are struggling without an amplified telephone please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Our services include dispensing hearing aids both in our shop and at your home, all make repairs, industrial audiology, noise filters, shooting plugs and musician’s earpieces.

If you feel we can help in any way at all please do not hesitate to contact us for free and impartial advice about your hearing.

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